Who we are

The Breakfast Run is part of Christ Church's wider ministries. The team members are all volunteers who work on a rota to ensure that the Breakfast Run operates every Saturday morning, come rain or shine!

Christ Church Clifton is responsible for running the Breakfast Run, funding all supplies and has a duty of care for the teams that go out.

Note that although many of the volunteers are active members of Christ Church, there are several volunteers from other churches and also some that are not currently church goers.

Team Co-ordinators

We have three team co-ordinators who oversee the Breakfast Run -


Contact Di for general enquiries about the Breakfast Run, to organise food hygiene courses for leaders and any aspect of the ministry that you feel needs prayer. She also looks after the pastoral side of the ministry. If you want to talk about something upsetting on the run, or had a difficult conversation with a client, please get in touch.


Tim helps with the administration for the ministry and organises volunteer training courses


Debs organises the volunteer rota and maintains the website.

We are always looking for people to join our team so if you feel you would like to get involved or have any questions just let us know or complete our contact form.

Existing volunteers
Have a Saturday morning free? Please sign the rota or get in touch to join a team. We really value your help.

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